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Free HTTP Compression Checker

February 6, 2008

As I put the final touches on Web Gallery 2.0, I’ve been tweaking the HTTP Compression module I’m using.  After FAR too much time dinking with Fiddler (which I love), I kept trying to find a quick way to compare compressed/uncompressed.  There’s a tab that shows the different sizes, but that’s just not “pretty”.

So, I googled up HTTP Compression and found Port80 Software.  They make various modules (for pay), but have a SWEET free tool.

HTTP Compression Check at Port80 Software

Toss in the URL and it will return the compression status (you can see I’m working with Deflate above, GZip works just fine too), file sizes, and statistics.  Below (not shown) are also download speed comparisons for dial-up, HSI, and T1 speeds.

Sweet tool and now a useful search provider to add to IE.

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