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ReSharper 4.0 – Impressions So Far

February 22, 2008

I was a bit leery when the ReSharper team announced that there wouldn’t immediately be EAPs, but only nightly builds—with all the debug bits left in. I worried about performance, functionality, and if it’d even install.

For the most part, I’ve worried for nothing.  I’m extremely impressed by the functionality of each nightly build and the array of bugs fixed each day—that kind of progress really makes it feel worthwhile when JIRA kicks up complaining about something.

There have been six nightly builds so far (one posted just minutes ago—joys of time zones) with 135 confirmed fixes in the JIRA system (including the Undo issue I was having).  That’s sweet!

As far as functionality, I’ve experimented with most of the features listed in the EAP notes and they’re working really well.  The new code cleanup and refactor> Extension Method features are extremely nice.  I’m especially pleased to see that LINQ code doesn’t become a garble of red underlines and intellisense works (mostly).  THANK YOU.

Cosmetically, the “loading” progress bars in the status bar are GREAT.  That annoying, modal progress bar really seemed to slow loading things down.  It still slows the project down while its compiling, but its not as noticable in the status bar.  A very good call.

On the LINQ note, I’m excited to see what they have planned for it in the final releases.  Perhaps LINQ Refactoring?  Currently, the Full Solution Analysis rips the data context designer files to shreds, so that’s a BAD thing (since the designer files are generated partial classes, it may just be better to exclude them).  Perhaps a LINQ ala syntax (from c in Customers where c.Name == “Test”..etc) to Lambda (Customers.Select(c => c.Name == “Test”)) refactoring would be cool. 😉

If you haven’t downloaded yet or are afraid of tampering with your production workstation, give it a try [4.0 Nightly Builds].  Virtualize, just something to dig in, see the new features, and provide feedback NOW. 🙂

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