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Pipe.Capacity == false || Pipe.ConnectionsTo(‘NetFlix’) > this

February 26, 2008


A need came up today to test how Windows Server 2008 and some of our web apps handled.  Republishing apps is pretty easy given their portability with the Deployment Packages, but simply getting the server going was a pain.  Hardware shortage?  Nah.  Lack of a pipe—heck yeah.

The Pacific through a Straw

I wonder if I can claim any sort of overtime for 352 hours…

We’ve been having huge internet bandwidth issues lately at work—our 100 MB pipe feels like the Pacific Ocean through a straw.  I can usually deal with slow internet browsing (since most sites and services are blocked anyway), but when i need an ISO from Microsoft’s MSDN library, I usually need it right awayish.  *sigh*

The fix?

Last time, the following resolved the problem: remoting into my home computer, starting the download, waiting 5 minutes while it downloaded at 2.8–3.2MB/sec, calling home and asking REALLY nicely for someone to put a DVD in the drive, setting it to burn, driving home (1+ hour), getting DVD, eating lunch, driving back (1+ hour).

Unfortunately, it’s a bit late in the day now—I’ll just do my testing tomorrow.

And that’s acceptable as a “way of doing business.” 😦  It could drive a person crazy.  Honestly, while the field trip opportunity is nice, I’d rather things just worked here.



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