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Microsoft Vista SP1 – Installation Complete!

March 3, 2008

Over the weekend, I upgraded my home computer to Vista SP1 and by upgrade, I mean reformatted and reinstalled.  After dealing with Server 2008 woes at work (though realizing I didn’t have the same SATA controller issue), I just wanted a nice, clean installation.

For reference, the installation computer is a Dell 720 H2C (upgraded from 710 using Dell Upgrade package).  No other additional hardware has been added.


Initial installation went flawlessly.  The hotfix for >2GB of RAM has been added, so I’m no longer popping the cover and pull memory to perform an installation.  That’s good news.  After the initial installation, the drivers came up next. 

I installed:

Everything else worked perfectly out of the box—what Vista didn’t have a driver for, it downloaded via Windows Update.  Perfect.


So far, I’ve installed the staples of life:

  • Final Fantasy XI + Expansions
  • EverQuest II + Expansions
  • Visual Studio 2008 TS + ReShaper 4.0b743

I’ve also tested:

Not a single glitch so far—much better than expected.


Overall performance appears to be quite a bit better.  The “file copy” glitch is non-existant, sound isn’t “poppy,” and the system boots up to the login page almost instantly.   If you’re interested, there’s a HUGE (read: 55 page) document of changes available on Microsoft’s website. 

A few of the more notable/interesting ones are:

  • Adds support for Direct3D® 10.1
  • Improves reliability by preventing data-loss while ejecting NTFS-formatted
    removable-media.  (Ehh, the issue of “this device is busy” still exists…)
  • Improves the performance of browsing network file shares by consuming less
  • Improves IE performance on certain Jscript intensive websites, bringing performance in line with previous IE releases. (Oh, so what’d they do.. I haven’t found details on this.)
  • Allows users and administrators to control which volumes the disk defragmenter
    runs on.  (Still can’t CONTROL the defragmenter… *grumble*)

After that, pages 21 to 55 are lists of each hotfix.

  1. March 3, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    I usually cringe when I hear / read upgrade and Vista in the same sentence.

  2. March 3, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    LOL, not everyone’s upgrade went as … exciting… as yours. 🙂

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