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Visual SourceSafe 2005 – “HotFixes”

March 11, 2008

I’ve apparently been out of the SourceSafe bit for a while now (now that I’m happy wiht SVN), but had to reinstall it today to touch a few old projects (from back in 2004).  After I installed, I tried to move a few files around and the SourceSafe Administrator kept locking up. 

Angry and frustrated, I hit up Google and found that a “hotfix” was published for SourceSafe back in December 2007 that summed up over 64 updates to the program—including fixes with Visual Studio 2008.

It notes:

This update is a rollup of hotfixes for Visual SourceSafe 2005. This update includes many stability improvements, performance improvements, data improvements, integrity improvements, and usability improvements. This update also improves compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and with Windows Vista.

After installing the updates, SourceSafe is working better than it ever has.  Cool.


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