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JetBrains Omea Reader Now Open Source and EAP’d

March 14, 2008

After what seems like years (probably months) of waiting, the team at JetBrains has finally released Omea as open source and restarted EAP releases for the latest version, 2.3.

The SVN for Omea: http://svn.jetbrains.org/omeaopen/

The EAP downloads: http://www.jetbrains.com/omea/download/eap.html

According to JetBrains developer Michael Gerasimov, the to-date changes to Omea are summed up as:

Apart from the development of new features and fixing old bugs which did not stop all these months (though that followed mostly our personal priorities, look at (1) in the list of references below), Omea has overcome significant evolutionary changes, which will be useful for wider scope development:

  • Completely reconfigured and cleaned up the project structure.
  • Switched from Perforce to SVN as the source code control.
  • Transitioned from VS7 to VS9 IDE, from .NET 1.1 to .NET 3.0 framework.
  • We think that the only chance for Omea to be on the “wave” is to use the latest possible tools, libraries and technologies while continuing living on top of the .Net platform that
    proved to be productive and flexible.
  • Build process switched from NAnt to MSBuild 3.5, and the integration builds inside JetBrains are run on the TeamCity platform which is the logical step in order to use the most innovative technologies.
  • In the close future we will switch from JIRA to another issue tracking system (to be announced later).
  • Switched to the Windows-Installer-based setup infrastructure, authored in MS WiX, which is also a step towards the wider adoption of Omea sources.

… And more (for details please check the Omea confluence page referenced in the list of references section below)

The Confluence page for Omea that Michael mentioned can be found here.  His post, along with more detailed information can be found in the jetbrains.omea.reader newsgroup.

As far as how the latest build runs—so far, so good.  I’m running build 1106.3 and it imported my existing Omea files without any issues, started up almost instantly, and just “works”—I’m really impressed.

There are still a few snafus:

  • Various RSS feeds still give me an error that “An error occured when parsing the cookie header for Uri ‘http://RSSFEEDURL.aspx’.”

    [UPDATE: I think I fixed this on my own.  Tools > Options… > Internet > Feeds.  There’s an option for “Use cookies from…” and it was set to Internet Explorer, which is my default browser.  Setting it to “None” and all my feeds update now.  *boggle*]

  • The search bar’s magnifying glass icon is a bit off center.   
          Omea Magnifying Glass Glitch
  • CTRL-Shift-G (when looking at a filtered view, the shortcut takes you to the original post) seems to take FOREVER; though maybe that’s the news server.

I’m glad to see work kick back up for Omea—it’s a great product and was ready for a bit of development TLC.  In addition, it’s great to see it open up—allowing the community to pitch in.  Great job and thanks to everyone on the Omea team!

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