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Spring Break, oh how I love thee.

March 14, 2008

The beach.Spring Break is great—especially when you work somewhere where it’s mandatory and paid

This is the first year in… well, ever, that I won’t have to attend college classes during my spring break holiday and can take the time to relax, catch up on projects I’ve been putting off, and sleep later than “almost going to be late” 6:00 AM.

Over the next week, I’m going to attempt to:

  • Catch up on all the new MVC bits from Release 2.  I really missed out being unconscious for a week with the flu and haven’t had time this week to dig in.
  • Now that Silverlight 2 is out, actually CARE about it.  Silverlight 1.0 was “neat,” but encapsulating videos into little boxes didn’t really appeal to me.  Full UI development does.
  • Build a desk, or a table, or something.  I’ve (well, my dad and I) had plans to build a new computer desk, recessed lighting, and shelving into my office area.  He’s been busy, I’ve been busy—it just hasn’t gotten done started.  There will be power tool usage, I swear it.  *Tim the Toolman laugh goes here*
  • WebGallery2 updates. I have made a few cosmetic and code changes to WebGallery2 to address performance issues and I need to get those changes tidied up and posted.

All in all, I honestly plan to spend as little time doing “work” as I can next week and just relax.  Of course, as fate may have it, it’s been sunny and in the 70’s all this week and is supposed to rain and be in the 40’s and 50’s all next week.  *sigh*

(Oh, and no, no beach for me—Kansas is about as landlocked as you could possibly get.)


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