Backwards TDD Command in VS2008?

March 28, 2008

From ScottGu’s list of links today, I read through John W. Powell’s “10 Tips to Boost Your Productivity with C# and Visual Studio 2008.” 

There are a few goodies in there that I’d never seen/heard of, but one just makes me twitch a bit and seems TOTALLY backwards (and I’ve never noticed the feature before now).

Create New Tests in VS2008There’s a context menu item while in code-behind or classes called “Create Unit Tests…” that will prefab a unit test of the current class. 

Oh really? 

I really do appreciate Microsoft’s continued efforts to work towards TDD and agile techniques—but doesn’t this seem backwards?  DDT?  Development Driven Tests? 

On the other hand, having a way to generate tests at all is pretty nifty, but what about those who may not understand how they’re generated or what the tests are actually doing?  Simply having “tests” isn’t the solution, but having a concrete understanding of what’s being tested and the expected outcomes.

I’d be far more impressed to click on my test while it’s in red and see a scaffold of implementation magically appear (which, can basically be done using ReSharper).


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