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Office 2007 : Printing Locks Any Office Product

April 1, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed something odd—anytime I printed in any Office 2007 product, it’d hang the process.  Meh.  I had just installed some drivers for an HP 5550 DTN printer and figured that was the cause.  After removing them, no dice.  I couldn’t even Print to PDF since it hit the printer drivers for formatting. 

Oddly enough, it wasn’t the printers—I could print from WordPad, Notepad, and FoxIt just fine.  It had to be Office.

The only salvation was to remove all printers from my system.  Well, that’s a bother.

I ran through the Office Diagnostics.

Word options

Word Options > Resources > Diagnose

Office Diagnostics

After about 5 minutes of tests, everything came back clean.

My last hope was to repair the Office 2007 installation.

Add/Remove Programs > Office 2007 > Repair

After that finished and a reboot—things appear to be working.  Why or how—I have no idea.  Computers are great.


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