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Lost in translation…

April 18, 2008

Michael sent me this line of text in German yesterday…

Auslieferung oder Würfel!

Now, me knowing absolutely ZERO German (except swear words, of course), hit up Google Translate. Google returned:

Extradition or cubes!
Uhhh.. meh?  Come to find out, he originally used Babel to translate “Surrender or die!” from English to German.  Now, extradition is a legal term for surrendering (basically being taken from one jurisdiction to another for trial), but… cubes?
If you’ve seen Google’s headquarters, they are anything but “cube farms,” so maybe this is a bit of their influences… cubes == death.
Also, tossing the phrase back into Babel is just as odd…
Distribution or cube!
For some odd reason, this continues to make me laugh as I sit back in my chair and look around at the 8’ cold, gray prison cube walls.
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