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Using the OfType Extension to Filter ControlCollections

May 12, 2008

There are a few different ways to iterate through the Control structure of an ASP.NET page.

You can simply find a control based on the associated ID.  Unfortunately, you can’t loop through this and it requires knowing the EXACT Id field for each control.

var ibc =
       myContainer.FindControl(“MyId”) as

You can foreach through the ControlCollection and match to the type of each control.

foreach (Control control in myContainer.Controls)


       if (control.GetType() ==



                     // Logic here…



Or, you can use one of the neat new built-in extension methods.

foreach (var indControl in



       // Logic here.


One less iterator statement (at least that I have to code, I’m sure it’s the same in the IL) and a bit less headache.  Cool.

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