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FireFox 3.0 Release Candidate 1 Hits the Wire

May 16, 2008

I’ve moved from the last beta up to release candidate 1 of FireFox 3 and am quite impressed.  You can read all about the latest version here.  FireFox opens up just as quick (if not quicker) on first run than IE 7 (on Vista). 

NoScript, the latest del.icio.us, IETab, and Adblock Plus all work like a champ. 

I also like the very compact theme that they’ve packaged with RC1–-Strata.

The coolest “tip” that I’ve found is the “Undo Close Tab”—did FireFox 2 have this?  I need to look sometime.  In the tab bar (when tabs are open or if you have it visible all the time), the “Undo Close Tab” reopens and rebrowses to wherever the last … well, closed tab was… brilliant for those times you accidently close the wrong tab!

I’ve browsed around a few dozen sights, dinked with some of the AJAX idea sides, and so far so good regarding rendering.  I’m pleased with this release so far. 🙂

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