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Resharper 4.0.1 Beta Released

August 4, 2008

Since the 4.0 release, the JetBrains team has been working diligently towards the 4.0.1 release.  According to Confluence, there are several hundred bug fixes between 4.0 diamond and the current build (#917) of 4.0.1.

What’s new with 4.0.1?  According to a newsgroup post from Ilya, the 4.0.1 updates revolve around bugfixes; I haven’t found any indication of additional features.  I haven’t scanned through all of the JIRA cases yet, but there’s a huge volume of “fixes”—which surprises me.  R# 4.0 has been running like a dream for me.

I’m installing 4.0.1 beta (marked “works here”) now; the joys of testing!

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