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GoodReads and BookMooch

August 17, 2008


For the past couple of years, I’ve had a link in my menu bar to current books I’m reading, my Amazon.com ListMania reading list, and a few other resources.  That’s somewhat—limited—in scope.  Like any good social networker, I joined GoodReads at the invitation of a friend over the weekend.  GoodReads is, at lack of better words, a social reading site—put up what you’ve read and rate it, add what you want to read, and what you’re currently reading.  Pretty cool system so far.  I’ve found a few books I want to check out already.

The Reading Lists link on the right takes you right to a graphical representation of my “library”.  Cool stuff.  So, now I can just update this.


BookMooch is what to do with your books AFTER you’ve finished with them.  I have dozens of books (well, had) that had little to no value on Amazon.com and Half.com.  Various books from classes, purchased, etc that I’ve read that I really don’t need anymore.  It’s amazing how moving can be a motivator to get rid of books.  BookMooch works on the concept that you give and take books for just the cost it takes you to give a book (media mail for a regular book is 2.00$USD).

So, when I started moving, I tossed everything up on BookMooch—I’ve given away 23 books so far and gotten 3… renewing some classics that I had years ago.  Inventory of books available is here.

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