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Retheming and Branding The Blog…

August 21, 2008

Need a change?
My major (personal) project this fall is to rebrand the blog.  While I’m still sleepy and still ramble (or geek out), the tiredstudent persona isn’t really fitting since I’m no longer in school.  Not bad though—holding an alias for, well, 12–13 years.  When/if I go back for my doctorates, I’ll simply be the eye-twitching geek.

Which, brings about a problem-how does one rebrand a blog without totally breaking all links, ties, and such?

I’d like to:

  • Break away and start hosting the blog on my own or find a flexible host away from WordPress, the confines are driving me insane,
  • Retheme the site (the pantone cards looked cool to begin with, but I’ve found simply require explaination),
  • “Merge” having my CV site and the blog—IMHO, the blog (for better or for worse) speaks more than my CV for experiences, ideas, and opinions.  I might as well save people from hunting both down. 😉

Any experiences out there?  I’d love to hear how it went and if the ends justify the means.

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