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Fall Project Wrapup – Home Makeover Edition

December 23, 2008

Since moving into my new place in July, I’ve had a lot to do on the homefront.  It’s kept me extremely busy and thankful for the family truck (I can hardly carry groceries in my car, let alone tons of dirt and rock).

Gardens and drainage

Unfortunately, the gardens were not well tended to and had washed away over the years—leaving the draining towards the house rather than away.  After countless truckloads of dirt to fill in, gravel to top out, and natural rock for edging, the finished product looks good.

Front of Home   Closeup on Rocks

The backyard has had similar attention; however, is lacking the natural rock.  I’ll get to that this spring; I was waiting on the new fence to be installed… which it was last week!  The best part is that the vines and groundcover is gone and no longer needs tending—the rock looks clean and will be a LOT easier to maintain.

New privacy fence

The old fence was starting to crumble (a bit old) and was a simple, short picket fence.  I prefer privacy fences—especially since I’m looking to put a swimming pool in within the next couple of years.

The old fence had to be removed…

Old fence...

To make way for the shiny new fence…

New fenceNew fence 

The new fence looks good, the gates are a GREAT bonus, and removing the 6’ partition by the patio really opens up the back yard.

New courtyard walls

When I bought the home, the home inspector pointed out that the courtyard walls were collapsing.  Not just by a bit—but by nearly 8–12” on either side.  The the inspector and real estate agent assured me it’d be a couple hundred to jack up and fix.  A few months later—not a single mason would touch the wall to “jack it up” and guarantee it wouldn’t fall back down within a couple of months because the footings were broken out.

So, new walls!

Courtyard WallsCourtyard Walls

Updated fireplace

The home had a gas starter, but the fireplace hadn’t been used in years.  After debating gas logs vs. wood burning, I stumbled across FireCrystals at a local showroom.  Less expensive than a gas log, zero residue (my LCD TV is next to the fireplace), and a very customized, unique look sounded like just the ticket.  With this, I also replaced the old, brass fireplace doors with something a bit more modern (which matches the black glass TV stand).

After removing the old doors and cleaning it out, it was time to lay in the base crystals and UBurner…

Base and UBurner

Layers of clear, then emerald and bronze, then a reflective jade on the top gives us the finished product…

Finished fireplace with crystals!

Here’s a few of the other smaller projects:

  • Installed a slider shade for the skylight (keep heat out, heat in depending on the season).
  • Installed a new hood vent and duct outside.
  • Replaced all blinds in the home with new mini blinds; replaced window coverings with vallances.
  • Cleaned out and refinished daylight window downstairs.
  • Added ceiling fans in the living room and kitchen; replaced dining room chandelier with newer model.
  • and dozens of other “oh, we should do this…” projects. 🙂

A busy, busy year indeed!

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  1. February 23, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Hey there! This was a great post. It seems so rare to find someone who not only enjoys technology but also can do this sort of work around the house and appreciate the things that can be learned from home improvement. I also commend you on your ability to communicate clearly through writing while maintaining a sense of humor. All three of these traits together are exceedingly rare. It’s so nice to know there are others out there who actually know what they’re doing and like to learn (I can’t even find more than a few people in this area who can solve FizzBuzz). *sigh*

    Anyhow, I stumbled across your blog looking for answers on the ScriptErrorsSuppressed flag and why it doesn’t work anymore in the WebBrowser control after IE7/8 is installed. I haven’t found an answer [yet], but I did find a great blog to add to my subscriptions. Thanks!

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