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AddALL To Find Books

January 5, 2009

I came across the AddALL Book Search from one of the speakers at a conference last year—not sure which one; it was one of those “oh, I’ll have to check that” scribble on a notepad.


What’s cool about this site?  It searchs almost all of the booksellers at the same time!  Rather than checking Buy.com, Amazon.com, Half.com, and whatever else—this free service goes out, finds those listings, and returns them to you.  I hunt for books—a lot—and this has been a huge time saver.

So, let’s say I’m wanting to find David Astels’ Test Driven Development: A Practical Guide to have a spare copy at the office:

Searching AddAll

Then pick it out of the search results to see a price comparison.

I can see that the cheapest price (with shipping) is from the used marketplace at Amazon.com.  Good deal and a lot less time spent hunting through the various sites.

Price comparison

To further geek it up, you can add this as a customized search engine to FireFox or Internet Explorer.  The URL is:

http://www3.addall.com/New/submitNew.cgi?location=[YOUR COUNTRY]&state=[YOUR LOCALE]&dispCurr=[YOURCURRENCY]&type=Title&query=TEST

For me, it looks like:


The codes can be found on the AddAll site, just snip up the URL. 🙂


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