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Hidden Package…

April 30, 2009

A bit off topic, but fun none-the-less.

Hidden Package Fail

Home yesterday and saw the UPS truck pull up, so I opened the garage door to go get the mail too and low and behold, the UPS man did his best to hide the packages on my front porch.

Can't see them, can you?

It’s worth pointing out that my front door is in a 15ish foot courtyard.. surrounded by a brick wall with only access from the walkway.  Putting the boxes ANYWHERE except right infront of the door almost guarantees “hidden.”  Apparently Greg Dean’s “Real Life Comic” really is “real life”. 😉

At least it’s better than the FedEx dude who puts the boxes… stacked up.. in front of the door or the DHL delivery person who has left packages OUTSIDE the courtyard (basically in my front yard).

The fun note is that it looks like it’s smiling with the Amazon box.  A happy front porch (and even happier—the boxes were filled with coffee K-Cups).


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