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ASP.NET Development Server From ‘Here’ in PowerShell

September 9, 2009

Long title… almost longer than the code.

I used to have an old registry setting that started up the ASP.NET Development Server from the current path; however, since I rarely open up Explorer—and then opening up FireFox was even more painful—I needed a script.

What does it do?

The script starts up the ASP.NET Development server with a random port (so you can run multiples…) at your current location.  It then activates your machine’s DEFAULT BROWSER and browses to the site.  FireFox user?  No problem.  Works like a champ!

The Script (Full Code)

$path = resolve-path .
$rand = New-Object system.random
$port = $rand.next(2048,10240)
$path_to_devserver = “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\microsoft shared\\DevServer\\9.0\\Webdev.WebServer.exe”

& $path_to_devserver /port:$port /path:$path
(new-object -com shell.application).ShellExecute(“http:\\localhost:$port”)

The $path_to_devserver can be updated—depending on 64–bit vs. 32–bit machines.  Simple, easy, and to the point.  Now, no more fumbling around to launch a quick web application!

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