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USB Headsets and Vista SP1–setting the default sound device.

January 18, 2008 11 comments

Since installing Vista SP1, the default sound device no longer “swaps” to my USB headset when I plug it in.  This is really annoying for when I’m jumping into Ventrilo to chat or something like that and have to manually configure it in Ventrilo.

There is, however, a fix.

When you plug in your USB Headset, right-click on the Volume Mixer icon in the taskbar.  That opens a window that looks similar to the image below.  The green “checkmark” should be on your Speakers device (which is attached to your sound card).  Instead, select the Headset and click the “Set Default” button.  That will redirect sound output to the USB headset device.

What’s nice (whether by design or a bug) is that when you unplug your USB headset, it will revert back to the last “default” device, which is our speakers.  When you plug the headset back in, it will take over as the default device.  Good deal—that’s how it SHOULD work.


Ventrilo 3.0.1 Client and 3.0.2 Server

November 19, 2007 37 comments

Well, that didn’t take long… 3.0.0 has come and gone with Ventrilo as the team released updates to both the server and client software early this week.

The client changes, as you can read below, seem mostly aestetic; however, I’m sure hosting companies are pleased to see some of the fault issues fixed in 3.0.2.

Here’s the changes:

Version 3.0.2 Server only:

Fixed exception fault when loading a damaged channel file.

Fixed private chat replicating problem. Pro server only.

Modified Account management so that it is harder to lock your self out of the server.

Server Admin->Login will now give complete rights like 2.3 did. With the exception of Edit Voice/Cmd targets which are user account specific anyway and Pro server only.

Upgrading a 2.3 to 3.0 server will automatically assign full admin rights to an old account that already had the server admin right.

Modified USR and TRG files to be automatically updated in 1 minute instead of 1 hour.

Fixed server name length to be a minimum of 2 characters instead of 4.

When upgrading a 2.3 server to 3.0, or creating a new 3.0 server from scratch, the server will assume Duplicate IP’s settings of “No Limit”.

Version 3.0.1 Client only:

User Editor: Made current user list window wider and added support for horizontal scroll bar when needed.

User Editor: Pressing new button will now default Duplicate IP’s to No Limit.

User Editor: Generic User and Generic admin profiles now default Duplicate IP’s to No Limit.

User Editor: Removed feature where clicking on an existing account name in the main window would cause a selection change in the UE Window. While useful in some cases it creates more problems that it solved. Might make this an option in a future version.

Main Window: Display of the (GUEST) tag is now off by default. Can be turned on via new menu option View -> Guest tags.

Guest MOTD: Now provides option to display only if it changes.

Chat: Time stamp option will now display correct month number.

Menu: When paired with 3.0.2 server, using the Server Admin -> Login will now allow certain menu items to be usable instead of grayed out.

You can download (and install over your existing installation) here.  Looks like hosting companies, like NationVoice, are still at 3.0.0.  Hopefully this will change in the next few days.

From my server logs:

20050325 01:43:50 Version           = 3.0.0

Then again… why does it think it’s 2005.  *boggle*

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Ventrilo 3.0 Released (finally…)

November 16, 2007 2 comments

In spite of what the front page says, Ventrilo (excellent VoIP solution, I host through NationVoice, but you can host your own for free as well… very clear, good software, and runs flawlessly with DirectSound over every game I’ve ever played).

Here’s a few of the changes that stand out:

  • Modified sound system to remove 99% of clicks at the start and stop of a voice stream. Carry over from 2.3.2.Beta.3
  • Changes made in Setup or any of the SFX windows are applied immediately after pressing the OK button to any current voice streams. No longer need to Check/Uncheck “Mute Sound”.
  • New and (and some existing) default sound event wave files have been updated and are more pleasing to the ear. Thanks to TJ Powell Publishing (
  • No more freight train sound whenever someone connects! ūüėÄ
  • Modified control panel buttons to work properly on Vista. Note: These buttons still do not work properly on 64Bit XP, 64Bit Win2003 and 64Bit Vista. In these cases you will need to open the control panels manually.
    • Ehh, I need to test this more; I didn’t have any troubles with Vista Ultimate x64.
  • Version 3.0 introduces per channel codecs. When the server has been configured to enable this feature a channel admin can select a specific codec for any given channel or they can use the server defined default.
  • Hardware Overlay is new with version 3.0. It is a mechanism that allows status information about the Ventrilo client to be displayed over the top of the standard screen. For example, if you are playing a game then an ordinary desktop program like Ventrilo can not display information on top of the game if it’s running in full-screen mode without disrupting the keyboard and mouse focus.
  • Click here for the full 3.0 change log.  If you use a hosted solution, like NationVoice, be sure that your host has upgraded to 3.0 before upgrading your client.  You should have received an email from the provider informing you of the change.

    Note: It still requires “Run as Administrator” in Vista for the PTT key to work inside games.


    FIX: Ventrilo 2.3.0 and Vista Press-to-Talk Fix

    March 11, 2007 17 comments

    Over the past few months, I‚Äôve ‚Äútolerated‚ÄĚ an inconsistant bug with Ventrilo¬†and Vista‚ÄĒthe inability to use my press-to-talk (PTT) key while in another window, like EverQuest 2.¬† I would constantly alt-tab in and out of the game, which made raid leading an‚Ķ experience in button smashing.¬† Last night, I stumbled upon a couple of forum posts¬†that list¬†a few fixes:

    It lists three things to check:

    1. Set Ventrilo to ‚ÄúRun as administrator‚ÄĚ
    2. Set Ventrilo to emulate Windows XP SP2.
    3. Set your game, EQ2, to ‚ÄúIgnore Windows Hotkey‚ÄĚ

    For me, the winner was #1, setting it to run as an administrator.¬† #2 and #3, tried both separately and together, did not resolve the issue; however, #1 separately does.¬† Just seems odd.¬† I have to run EQ2 as administrator, Ventrilo, Visual Studio‚Ķ UAC is defeated a BIT by just automagically turning ‚Äúrun as administrator‚ÄĚ on for every program.¬† <shrug />

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    Dell 710, Vista, memory, NVidia, and more!

    February 26, 2007 2 comments

    So much to cover in a single quick post. Well, my new 710 H2C is here with shiny dual NVidia 8800 GTX video cards, x6800 overclocked processor (@3.49GHz), and a 30″ widescreen flat-panel.  Wow, what to do now? Well, to begin, the 3007WFP was DOA (dead on arrival).  It’d run through the self-test just fine and stop testing when plugged into a computer; however, after trying three computers (the 710, my M170 laptop, and my Gen4 XPS), nothing would detect it.  A word of wisdom–ALWAYS call XPS support.  They speak English, unlike LCD support.  A new one is on the way, so I’m using my old 20″ for now. Next, I attempted to install Vista RTM?  Why?  Every piece of documentation says Vista won’t work on the Dell 710 series due to conflicts.  There is, however, nothing noted on the ‘conflicts’ and I had mixed experiences with my Dell Gen 4 (worked beautifully) and Dell Preision 670 (died a horrid death due to an installer error).  I tried anyway. ūüôā Off the bat, I recieved an error very similar to the one on my Precision 670. Thankfully, a bit of Googling found me the answer this time (I haven’t reattempted the Vista install at work in a while):

    When you try to install Windows Vista, you may receive an error message that resembles the following:

    STOP 0x0000000A (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4) IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL This problem occurs if the following conditions are true:

    The computer uses more than 3 GB of RAM.
    The computer uses a storage system that is running the Storport miniport driver.
    The computer uses a controller that uses 32-bit direct memory access (DMA).


    The quick solution? 

    The box has 4GB of RAM; pop 2GB out, install, install the fix from the support article above, and pop the 2GB back in.  Cha-ching, it works like a champ. 

    Perhaps, soon I hope, this update is slipstreamed into the installaton media.  I’m gonna give this a try on the Precision 670 when I get some time and see if that remedies it too!

    Next came my NVidia graphics cards–what about all of the performance snafu’s regarding the cards?  Well, with the latest 100.65 drivers, things went like a breeze for performance in EQ2 and the desktop.  I am having an issue that I cannot enter the NVidia Control Panel–even with elevated permissions (runas Admin); odd deal. The only true issue I found occured due to an error in EverQuest 2.  EQ2 doesn’t seem to unload the textures as you travel from zone to zone… after zoning from South Qeynos into my home (a 5 room with close to 500 items), EQ2 was pulling down almost 2GB of memory.  It then crashed. 

    It’s documented in several locations that this is a known ‘issue’ (via EQ2 Players forums); but the CSRs have not provided any resolution.  I managed to play on High Quality for quite a while and didn’t have any issues.  *sigh*

    Beyond that, Visual Studio 2005 SP1, Virtual PC 2007, EQ2, Paint.NET, and my standard apps are all installed and humming along.  The 710 H2C itself is nearly silent (in contrast to the helicopter sound of my Gen4) and seems to perform beautifully.  It does tend to hiccup here and there–the hard drive will run like crazy and things just jitter.  I’m not sure if that’s the PC or Vista being less than cooperative, but it’s not enough to make me go back to MCE2005. 

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